Project: Kern Residence Renovation and Addition
Construction Budget: $800,000
Area: 5,400 GSF
Occ. Type: Single Family Residential
Services: SD
Consultants: None
Start Date: September, 2011
Status: SD

The scope of this residential project incldued a partial demolition, renovation and re-design of an existing 3,800 GSF house with a projected 1,600 GSF in additions. The exitsting architecture of the house was a dated Spanish colonial. At the owner's behest, GA-DC successfully integrated a scale of new urbanism architecture with an accentuated, second level porch srtucture and exterior dark wood features. The main entry to the house was reconceived as a two storey entry atrium space with clerestory glazing above, allowing for an infusion of natural light from above. The floor plan was reconfigured the better meet the needs of the new owner along with the addition of river facing a summer kitchen. Increased glazing areas with low U-values were added to celebrate view while negating any added energy load to the house.

Gilchrist Architecture Design Collaborative