Project: Ormond Beach Wayfinding Signage
Construction Budget: $100,000
Services: SD, DD, CD, B/N, CA
Consultants: Sign Manufacturer
Start Date: September, 2010
Status: Completed

The Ormond Beach wayfinding package was designed to capture the historic thread of the City while celebrating its racing hertitage and place in history. The City of Ormond Beach needed a environmental wayfinding package to help direct both vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows. Two types of signage templates were created, Directional and Pakring. A total of 44 signs were created to meet the needs of the downtown and beachside communities with each sign graphic designed unique to the area. The construction documents included the design and specifications for each of the 44 different signs, along with inventory mapping and scheduling.

This project was completed on time and under budget with Graham Gilchrist acting as lead Project Manager/ Architect at HHO Architects.

Gilchrist Architecture Design Collaborative